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Leona Berlin is an artist, who has something to say. “I want to go deep and pass on the joy and inspiration that I find in making music. I strive to create tension between Soul and Hip Hop, aggression and coolness, strength and vulnerability, depth of content and vocal diversity, confrontation and relaxation. A joint journey into an unknown world.“
With her atmospheric, Urban Soul Leona Berlin provides the listener with a deep insight into her own cosmos. Her open and direct nature is as real as her last name and makes every live show a unique exciting experience.

Leona attaches great importance to authentic expression, both musically and in terms of content. Leona: “My top priority is to be authentic without having to fit in a box. I would like to give an example of how authenticity is needed and demanded, especially in today’s media superficiality.“ She writes and produces her songs herself, inspired and influenced by her greatest role models as well as close musicians and producers from her team.

The aspiring German singer, producer and songwriter has a big vision.
 For several years she has been working on her career with enthusiasm, consistency and perseverance that leaves no doubt about her upcoming breakthrough. 
After Leona has collaborated with internationally known musicians such as Ray Angry, Burniss Earl Travis and Casey Benjamin for her debut album („Leona Berlin“, Warner Music 2018), she is currently working on her second album, which will be released in summer this year. Her first single “Monkeys” was released in June 2019 and further singles will follow.

To date, Leona has been seen live on various stages and festivals across Germany (including Women of the World Festival, TEDx Hamburg, Jazzclub A-Trane, Peppermint Club LA), as well as a support act for, among others, Al Jarreau, PJ Morton, Seinabo Sey and Lisa Stansfield.

Leona Berlin ist eine Künstlerin, die etwas zu sagen hat. Die Wahl-Berlinerin möchte nicht nur Musik machen, sondern Menschen dazu anstoßen und inspirieren, ihre Perspektive zu erweitern. „Ich möchte in die Tiefe gehen und die Freude und Inspiration weitergeben, die ich dort finde. Ich baue Spannung auf zwischen Soul und Hip Hop, Aggression und Coolness, Stärke und Verletzlichkeit, Konfrontation und Entspannung“.
Mit ihrem atmosphärisch-dichten Urban Soul eröffnet sie dem Hörer einen tiefen Einblick in ihren eigenen Kosmos. Ihre offene, direkte Art ist so echt wie ihr Nachname und macht jede Live Show zu einem neuen, ganz eigenen mitreißenden Erlebnis.

Besonders großen Wert legt Leona auf ihren eigenen, authentischen Ausdruck, sowohl musikalisch als auch inhaltlich. Leona: „Meine größte Priorität ist, authentisch zu sein, ohne in eine Schublade passen zu müssen. Ich finde, dass gerade in der heutigen Zeit von medialer Oberflächlichkeit Authentizität gebraucht wird und gefragt ist.“ Ihre Songs schreibt und produziert sie selbst, inspiriert und beeinflusst von Vorbildern sowie Musikern aus ihrem nahen Umfeld.

Dass die aufstrebende deutsche Sängerin Produzentin und Songschreiberin eine große Vision hat, ist unverkennbar. Seit einigen Jahren arbeitet sie mit einer Begeisterung, Konsequenz und Ausdauer an ihrer Karriere, die keinen Zweifel an ihrem bevorstehenden Durchbruch lässt. Nachdem Leona für ihr Debüt Album („Leona Berlin“, Warner Music 2018) mit New Yorker Größen wie Casey Banjamin, Ray Angry und Burniss Earl Travis zusammen gearbeitet hat, stellt sie momentan ihr zweites Album fertig, das im Sommer diesen Jahres erscheint. Die erste Single „Monkeys“ ist bereits erschienen und weitere Singles folgen.

Live war Leona bis heute auf verschiedenen Bühnen und Festivals (u.a. Women of the World Festival, TEDx Hamburg, Jazzclub A-Trane, Peppermint Club LA), sowie als Support-Act für u.a. Al Jarreau, PJ Morton, Seinabo Sey und Lisa Stansfield zu sehen.




1/30/20   HELLO    Hey guys! This is my blog. Here I want to share some insights and lessons I learn on my journey as a musician. Other than social media posts I want to be more personal here. As I move and develop as an artist, striving towards my dreams, getting closer and closer to them, I also get closer to myself. It’s like my career and my personal growth are intimately entangled: When I look at a business challenge, it’s like looking at myself through a magnifying class, only to realize that it was me the whole time. Just a matter of perspective and interpretation. In a nutshell, to me this journey is about enhancing my awareness and understanding of reality. And myself. And how I AM reality. And the fact that all answers lie within, as they aptly say 😊 Because who can you rely on?? In the end, nobody can know what the answers to your individual questions are. Only you can. #thursdaythoughts

…And we still keep searching, movin’ on, looking for something unknown…

2/13/20   PUSHING vs LETTING GO    Currently I’m writing, producing and recording my second album. It’s so exciting! Many ideas and drafts have been sitting on my computer and phone for years, and now finally the time has come for them to be realized and put on an album 🤩 It’s also a challenge though. Sometimes creativity is flowing, that’s the dopest thing! Sometimes it’s not. When it doesn’t flow, I have a choice: I can push through anyways -sitting with the lyrics until the next word comes, sometimes for hours- OR I can let it go and do something else instead. Pushing through feels like sailing without wind. You just sit and wait. Can’t do anything about it. It’s annoying. But when the wind finally comes, it’s great and so rewarding! You are so happy that you didn’t quit! Other times though it’s better to just do something completely different and clear the mind, so fresh ideas can arise at all. The thing is, you never know when to push vs to relax. This is a theme that applies to many other areas in life as well. It boiles down to the question of “when do I genuinely need a break vs when is it my resistence of fear or stepping out of my comfort-zone, that makes me not want to do something. To me there’s a very subtle difference. It’s that when I let go, or I should say “give up” because of my resistence, it feels good only short-term. It’s like “wohoo, I’ve avoided it!” But the resistence is still there, giving me a subtle bad conscious because in the back of my mind I know it doesn’t serve me and my purpose. When I let go because I really need it, it just feels good whithout that bad feeling. It’s very subtle and difficult to distinguish, that’s the tricky part of it. Well, I will keep on practicing… #thursdaythoughts





Album “LEONA BERLIN” on 180g 12″ Vinyl


Single “MONKEYS” on pink 7″ Vinyl